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Senior Coach Course

Course Outline:

Irish Rugby’s Senior Coach Course is for coaches working with 15-a-side teams where players are aged 16 years or older.

Principles of Play are developed through Key Factor Analysis and applied to individual skills, mini-unit skills, unit skills and team skills.

Coaches who complete the course are expected to be able to identify and rectify technical deficiencies in players. They will also have the ability to plan, organise, manage, communicate and develop the skills of their players through implementation of sport-specific modules and other modules.

 The course is designed to develop the coach in a ‘Challenger’ role.

Entry Criteria:

  • Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Participants must have proven rugby playing/coaching experience at an appropriate level
  • Participants must be actively coaching a 15-a-side team of players aged 16+
  • Award Requirements:

    combination of IRFU 'Gainline' e-learning and practical/on-pitch rugby modules

    1. Complete Concussion Awareness online module

    2. Upload World Rugby Laws Test Certificate

    3. Undertake a Practical Mentoring session

    4. Upload any one of these Assignments:

    - a Reflective Journal

    - a Personal Coaching Video

    - a '360 Review' questionnaire

    5. Fully attend the course

    Course Fee: €250

    Courses currently available:

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