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Active Mini Coach Badge

These free provincial workshops are optional choices for coaches who have already achieved the IRFU Children's Coach Award and also completed the Bronze Active Mini Coach Badge for this season by completing the associated mandatory module(s) - you may check your current status by logging in to GAINLINE and checking your 'Grades' in the resource under 'Course Tools' in the Active Mini Coach Badge resource.

You may wish to attend or complete one or more of these workshops to continue your own development and in doing so accumulate points towards the Silver and Gold Active Mini Coach Badge(s).

Enrolling in/attending any of these workshops will release the related content to you on the Active Mini Coach Badge resource, and you must attend/complete the workshop in order to gain credit towards any further badges.

REMEMBER: All coaches with a completed IRFU Children's Coach Award must also hold (at least) the Bronze Active Mini Coach Badge to be considered 'Qualified' in any particular season. Therefore, although your coaching award does not expire, you must gain the Bronze Badge as a minimum each year you are actively coaching a Mini Rugby team.

Further information is available at your local Branch Coach Development Office.

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